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Music & Lyrics by Solin,
except Strawberry Wine,
Solin & Syarto Lover Boy  
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I was asked to be a guest lead vocalist on
Norwegian Wood. I tried to get my Lennon
chops together from my days of Beatlemania.
I am a singer/songwriter I've released 2 cds,
"Put Another Date on Life' &
"Energy Fair"
My music is a mixture of power pop, some ballads, psychedelic,
danceable. I also do, solo acoustic (6 & 12 string) blues, choice
covers, I really try to feel the crowd out as to what to play.
Solin & Aimee Mann
It Was 50 years ago that the Beatles landed in
America and changed
Toured the east coast with former musical
Joined by Aimee Mann, performing
"You Keep Me Hanging On"
(Solin Original Song) to a packed house
Toad's Place, New Haven, CT.
Solin &   Jon Brion
Mainly I'm a singer songwriter since I was a
teenager. I've released 2 cds,
"Put Another Date on Life"
"Energy Fair".
Currently working on a new cd  working title
"Blue Collection".
My main instrument is vocals, guitar, bass &
drums. I'm not known for my piano playing,
but I can play.  I was lucky enough at one point
to portray John Lennon in Beatlemania. One
time they needed a Paul McCartney cast
member so I had to take off my glasses and
play a hoffner bass left handed thru an ampeg
svt amplifier the volume was so loud it almost
blew me off the stage lol